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SCOTT® Control™ Antibacterial Foam Skin Cleanser Fragrance and Dye Free

CODE   11554

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SIZE : 1000ml

COLOUR : Clear

SCOTT® Control Luxury Foam Skin Cleanser Fragrance and Dye Free  offers proven quality formulas to clean and care for your skin. The sealed refills prevent contamination prior to use for superior hygiene, and the compact, easy to use, dispensers suit all locations. KIMCARE ANTIBACTERIAL* Luxury Foam Skin Cleanser with 0.5% triclosan reduces bacteria and helps to prevent the spread of germs.

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KIMCARE Skin Care System Brochure 1.4MB English 03/06/2013
How do I contact a Kimberly-Clark representative?

Please contact our Customer Care team, give them your city & state and they will give you the name of your local sales representative.

Where can I get a Product Technical Bulletin or MSDS sheet?

Each of our product detail pages has all of the relevant resources available, including MSD and PTB. If you still can’t locate the material you are looking for please contact our Customer Care team.

Are there bathroom products that can help me to reduce costs?

With a wide variety of products and systems designed to control usage and reduce waste, KCP bathroom products offer many opportunities to reduce waste in the bathroom and other areas.Hand towels, toilet tissue and soap all offer cost saving opportunities.

What are the use areas for your products within the health care segment?

Public washroom, nurses stations, and patient’s rooms.

What is the primary challenge hospitals face in their public washrooms?

The primary challenges are the prevention of cross-contamination and the presentation of a clean, hygienic image through an adequate supply of towels, tissues, and skincare products using the appropriate dispensers.

How can I improve the sanitation of key areas of my store: deli and food service, meat and poultry, butcher, bakery, produce, checkout?

Be sure that hand washing is easy. A working sink, plenty of paper towels and a steady supply of soap is a must.

My properties are not Class A, why should I choose Kimberly-Clark products?

KCP manufactures a range of products which offer different performance levels for every class of office building. Always consider Kimberly-Clark towels, tissue, soap and dispensing systems.

My contract cleaner handles all of the products we use in the washroom shouldn’t you be talking to them not me?

Your tenants are the true decision makers and Kimberly-Clark’s intent is to satisfy all parties in the purchasing cycle.Most importantly however, your costs are critical to budget management thus, we want you to understand that all paper products are not the same. So, consider Kimberly-Clark in your future purchase decisions.

Washroom maintenance is a key for keeping my washroom clean, but clogging is always a problem. Does Kimberly-Clark have products that will not get clogged in my toilets and soap systems?

We do have specialised products that can help reduce clogging. Request that a Kimberly-Clark Professional Representative visit with you to discuss these products.

As long as we do not run out, why should I care about towels, tissue and soap?

Three simple reasons:

1. Your tenants expect the best quality for the rates they pay.

2. You expect the best value for what you pay.

3. Our products are designed to help reduce your overall cost.

How can I improve hand washing efforts of my employees?

The most important thing you can do is to be sure your employees know you are serious about hand washing and other food safety efforts.This can be reinforced with the prominent display of Kimberly-Clark Wash Your Hands stickers. Call our Customer Care team on 1800 562 5275 if you would like some stickers.

How can I purchase KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* products?

Please visit our 'How To Buy' page where you will be able to locate your nearest distributor or alternatively fill out your details on the Contact Us form.

How can I order a 'Sample' product?

If you want to try any of our products, please speak to a Sales Representative or email: [email protected].

Where can I find more information about a specific product?

Please enter a keyword or product code in the 'Product Finder' (orange box at the top of each page), this will enable you to locate the specific product you are looking for. Each product should have a 'Resources' and 'Specifications' tab, click on these to retrieve further detailed information. If the information you require is not available, please email: [email protected] for further assistance.

What is the recommended shelf life for your soap products?

Soap products have a 3 year shelf life before opening, once opened the PAO (period after opening) is 12 months.

What is the recommended shelf life of KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* Aircare products?

KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* Aircare products should be used within 2 years from the date of manufacture.

What formats of Hand Sanitisers and Sanitising Wipes do you offer?

KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* Hand Sanitising products come in various dispensing formats, including a 50ml handy pocket sized bottle, 480ml pump bottle and 1 or 1.2 Litre cassettes, suitable for use with wall mounted dispensers.

KLEENEX* Hand & Surface Sanitising Wipes, dispense from a mobile canister with flip up lid, from a handy pocket sized pack or a higher capacity wall mounted dispenser.

Will my hands feel dry after using a Hand Sanitiser?

Both our gel and foam Hand Sanitisers are formulated to be kind to skin, without drying it out. Our KLEENEX® Moisturising Alcohol Instant Hand Sanitiser contains a fast-drying formulation, with no sticky after feel and includes Aloe Vera, Vitamin E & B, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.

Can KLEENEX® Alcohol Hand Sanitisers be used in Hospitals?

KLEENEX® Moisturising Alcohol Instant Hand Sanitisers are well placed in general healthcare and hospital environments. The only area where it may not be acceptable is in critical areas, such as operating and surgical rooms, where use of higher concentrated alcohol sanitisers maybe required (80-85% vs.75 for our product).

What amount of KLEENEX® Alcohol Hand Sanitiser is dispensed per shot, from either the bottle or cassette format?

The amount per pump/shot is as follows:

50ml Bottle: No Shot (squeeze bottle)

480ml Bottle: 0.8 ml Shot

1 Litre Cassette: 1 ml Shot

1.2 Litre Cassette: 0.7ml Shot.

What are the benefits of using a Hand Sanitiser?

Hand sanitisers are considered as ‘leave on’ products which can be used in the absence of water. Dependent on the segment and the protocols in place - they are complementary to hand cleansing and drying.

In less stringent segments hand sanitisers offer the convenience of sanitised hands in the absence of water. The sanitiser is dispensed on the hands and the product rapidly kills bacteria and microorganisms that are present. They do not clean hands. They are used to prevent cross-contamination of physically clean hands.

What is the difference between antibacterial and antimicrobial products?

The terms are often used interchangeably to refer to Topical Antimicrobial Products. In general, antimicrobial products have a broader spectrum of kill than antibacterial products.

How often and how should I wash my hands?

The frequency of hand washing depends, of course, on the importance of preventing cross-contamination in your workplace.In general, settings such as office buildings and factories, at a minimum, one should wash their hands whenever they are soiled, before eating, drinking and after smoking, and always after using the washroom.In food preparation, environments and health care settings, you should consult with your safety official.In general, in these environments, you should wash your hands as you would in an office environment in addition to anytime you move between work areas (such as between patients or between raw food and prepared food.)Again, please consult your local expert as specific requirements vary greatly by application.

Will your product stain my counter?

Kimberly-Clark soaps contain only water soluble dyes that will not permanently stain properly maintained surfaces.Many countertops, especially natural surfaces, are very porous. If these surfaces are not sealed per the manufacturers instructions, any liquid that contains solids (such as soaps) might soak into the pores and leave the appearance of a stain. This can even happen with clear dye-free soaps.

What trends for products used at home might be changing what guests expect at hotels?

One major change in home product usage is the emergence of liquid body washes.With a luxurious, pearlized appearance and a subtle fragrance, you may want to consider providing KLEENEX® or SCOTT® Body Wash for your guests.

What is the difference between a hand cleanser and a hand sanitiser?

Hand cleansers are “rinse off” products. Water is required to create lather and dirt is removed by rubbing hands together. Water is then used to rinse the product off and ideally single use hand towels are used to dry hands. Hand sanitisers are “leave on” products which can be used in the absence of water. Depending on the segment and protocols in place – they are complementary to hand cleansing and drying. Sanitiser is dispensed on the hands and the product rapidly kills bacteria and micro-organisms – they do not clean hands. They are used to prevent cross-contamination of physically clean hands.

How much hand sanitiser needs to be used to be effective?

You need enough product to cover hands and fingers thoroughly. This will depend on the product itself and the size of the hands.

How long are hand sanitisers effective for?

Alcohol based hand sanitisers do not provide a long lasting effect. They are considered rapid acting and once used will need re-application to avoid further contamination.

Can using hand sanitisers lead to skin allergies?

All the usual product safety tests have been carried out on all Kimberly-Clark Professional skincare products as required by the Kimberly-Clark corporate standards, however, we cannot issue a 100% guarantee that our products will not cause skin issues. Some of our formulations are dye and fragrance free however, reducing the number of components within the formulations to which a user may be sensitive.

What formats of Hand Sanitisers do you offer?

Kimberly-Clark Professional* Hand Sanitising products come in various dispensing formats, including a 50ml handy pocket sized bottle, a 250ml pump bottle and 1 or 1.2 litre cassettes suitable for use with wall mounted dispensers.

Is it possible to use KLEENEX® Hand Sanitisers in hospitals?

Currently our hand sanitisers have not passed all regulatory requirements in order for them to be sold into healthcare. We are working on achieving TGA approval and will announce any developments as soon as they occur.

How do I know the KLEENEX® Hand Sanitiser ingredients are safe to use with food?

The product has been classified food safe by both AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) and NZFSA (NZ Food Safety Authority). It has also bee HACCP approved.

What amount of KLEENEX® Instant Hand Sanitiser is dispensed per shot, from either the bottle or cassette format?

- 50ml bottle: No shot size (squeeze bottle)

- 250ml Pump Bottle: No shot size
1 Litre Cassette: 1ml shot

- 1.2 Litre Cassette: 0.7ml shot.

Are KLEENEX® Instant Hand Sanitisers compatible with gloves?

Some cosmetic ingredients are not compatible with materials used for disposable gloves, particularly latex, and can cause the glove to develop pin-holes or even to split. This can be particularly hazardous in critical environments. The KLEENEX ® Instant Hand Sanitiser (Codes 14030 and 14031) has been tested for glove compatibility and does not damage or degrade latex or nitrile gloves.

What happens if someone drinks KLEENEX® Instant Hand Sanitiser?

The alcohol in the Instant Hand Sanitiser has been denatured with Isopropyl alcohol which gives it an unpalatable bitter taste which should prevent anyone drinking it. Ethanol is not scheduled as a poison in the SUSMP as it’s considered “low toxicity for any environment”. In the unlikely event that someone does drink it, the Material Safety Data Sheet contains advice on what action to take.

What’s the difference between a “sanitiser” and an “instant hand cleanser”?

At the time of launching our first hand “sanitiser”, the ASEAN Cosmetics Directive stipulated that in order to call a product a “sanitiser” it must be a registered or medicinal product (ie. TGA approved). Given the popularity of sanitisers in recent years, the rules have changed to allow both cosmetic (non-registered) and medicinal products. The major difference between the two being the claims that can be made – that is, a registered (medicinal) product can make claims around specific organisms while a non-registered (cosmetic) product can only claim to kill 99.9% of bacteria.

What amount is dispensed per shot of Liquid and Foam Hand Cleansers?

- 1 Litre KLEENEX® Liquid Hand Cleansers (6331, 6332, 6333, 6334) have a 0.9ml shot size and deliver 1111 shots per refill.

- 1 Litre KLEENEX® Luxury Foam Cleansers (12552, 11553, 6342, - 11554, 12560) have a 0.4ml shot size and deliver 2500 shots per refill.

- 1.2 Litre KLEENEX® Luxury Foam Cleansers for e-cassette (91590, 91591, 91594) have a 0.65ml shot size and deliver 1846 shots per refill.

- 500ml KIMCARE* Liquid Soap (12053, 12542, 12517) have a 1.5ml shot size and deliver 333 shots per refill.

- 3.5 Litre KIMCARE* Industrie* Soap (9535) has a 2.2ml shot size and delivers 1590 shots per refill.

Which washroom products can help me reduce my costs?

Kimberly-Clark Professional* offer a wide variety of washroom products and systems designed to control usage and reduce waste. In the Skincare range, our foam soap products offer cost saving opportunities.

What is the recommended shelf life for our skincare products?

Two (2) years from date of manufacture for our hand sanitisers and our soap products have a three (3) year shelf life before opening. Once opened the period after opening (PAO) is twelve (12) months.

E-Cassette What do I do if no soap is dispensing and the motor doesn’t run?

- Ensure hands are directly beneath the sensor.

- Ensure a refill is loaded into the dispenser.

- Ensure batteries are loaded, or are loaded correctly.

E-Cassette - What do I do if the motor runs but no soap is dispensed?

- Check to see if the refill is empty or not loaded properly.

- Check that the refill pump is primed.

E-Cassette - Can I mount the dispenser with the adhesive tape provided?

While mounting with screws is the preferred method, the adhesive tape provided can be used. Follow the instructions provided and allow the dispenser to remain empty for 24 hours before installing the soap refill.

E-Cassette - How do I use the dispenser?

Place palms approximately 5cm below the dispenser. Product will be dispensed within 1 second of sensor activation. To get additional product, remove hands from below the dispenser and repeat as per previous slide.

E-Cassette - Can I hardwire the dispensers to AC power?

No. Three (3) D-cell alkaline batteries must be installed. Do not mix old and new batteries.

E-Cassette - How long will the batteries last?

A set of three (3) batteries may last up to 60,000 activations, or more than 32 refills of KLEENEX® Luxury Foam Soap.

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Product Finder

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Product Finder

Use one or all the filters below to find the right products for your needs

Matching Products:

Select another option to further refine your results.